Unlike a great many people in my industry, I have virtually no formal qualifications. The vast majority of what I know about my trade has either been picked up on the job, or at home. Because of this I think I bring a fresh, often unorthodox approach to problem-solving and am therefore not constrained by what some might regard as traditional "break/fix" approaches.


Since being given my first opportunity to apply my knowledge in a commercial environment back in 1995, I've held a number of positions in the IT industry, notably:

  • Desktop & Server Support Technician;
  • Database Developer;
  • Business Information Analyst;
  • Software Developer;
  • Systems Analyst;
Each of these roles has combined to give me a good all-round knowledge of hardware and systems.

Free Time

Like most people, I don't get a tremendous amount of truly free time. As well as a fairly demanding full-time occupation, I also have a young family. All of this means that I may not be the best person to help you if you need someone who can respond to your issue as a matter of high priority. Where possible I will endeavour to provide remote support (telephone/email), unless an in-person visit is required in which case we can discuss my availability and try to identify a timescale that's suitable for you.